With the ability to conceptualize products, render and iterate at a pace best characterized as "agile", SKD can not only deliver on strategy, but with it's skilled engineering arm can create the solid geometry needed for tooling and manufacturing.


Easton Lacrosse and Baseball

As an integral part of the lacrosse division we helped to create a revolutionary cantilever head that was an industry first. Leveraging existing IP with a cushioned spring, this design was achievable in part because of the innovative truss system built into the sidewall.

Beyond product design we were also asked to help with on product decoration and branding as illustrated in the patterns and product graphics shown. We helped to revolutionize their product presentations through polygonal modeling techniques that helped stake holders visualize new graphics on product without out-sourcing. This method created a rapid development timeline that was previously un-achievable.

Hero Lacrosse

Hero Phenix M1: Concept to creation. The Problem: Lacrosse is a difficulty sport to get into because 1- cost and 2- equipment, specifically the pocket is a hurdle for many newbies. The solution: Pre-formed injection molded pocket made from urethane to endure weather conditions and stay consistent throughout it's lifespan.

Hero Goggle: Conceptualize the next evolution of the women's goggle. Create a part that is "fierce" and cost effective to reproduce. 

Dewalt Cases

Rolling Stone Phone Case Concepts