Case study- Nike Bauer

Ask: Nike Bauer advanced research team was developing a proprietary method for in-store shaping of their carbon fibre hockey sticks and needed a functioning solution as a delivery method. 

Solution: An in-store kiosk with a small footprint that could act as a smart front end and interaction point with the consumer. The kiosk would blend a 3 Dimensional "joy stick" shaped like a hockey blade and translate the 3D data in real time. The consumer could then capture that relative data and store it on their user card for processing at the checkout desk. Other items included in the concept were sub branding elements and naming solutions, user cards, kiosk concepts and dog-tags.

Creative Direction, Design & Art Direction: Andrew Szurley
Programming: Alexander da Franka Schulz, Engineering & ID: Ximedica (formerly Item NPD)


Identity Development

Promotional Cards & Holder

Simple and efficient single metal sheet bent to fit custom cards used by consumers in the purchasing process.

In-Store Kiosk Concept

Three mobile walls that carried various products to touch and feel and a kiosk to interact with the consumer

Product testing video

This video highlights the functionality of the idea and how the process might start to take shape for the consumer.