UI concepts for lacrosse break-out fitness app developed specifically to help grow the game of lacrosse through virtual competitions... there is always a leader!  

Concept, Design & Layout. Featured monster Illustration: Frenden


Velocity Jansen Pharma UI

UI concepts for mobile SAAS platform that facilitated mass user certification held during national sales conventions. Regional directors competed to see who could achieve certification with new medications and protocols. Leaderboards posted in lobby areas notified particpants of current status.

Design & Layout



Utilizing the new framework for the software Velocity we were able to apply design logic for brands like Mercedes Benz using their guidelines to create a custom experience for their users.

Design & Layout


L.E.O Office Scheduler

UI for office scheduler is able to serve multiple calendars across multiple office locations.

Design & Layout


Axtria UI

UI for evaluating data across pharmaceutical contacts within a given organization in real time.

Design & Layout

Trade Wars: Dominion - Windows UI

Design & Layout. Programming: Evolver Studios, Colorado

Genesys HTA System

Client: Boston Scientific

Ask: Develop a multi-language UI to function efficiently in out-patient hospital rooms worldwide. The design requirement included functionality with very limited memory overhead, and a screen size that measured 640x480 pixels. A continuous visualization throughout the procedure meant that the UI's color and graphics required simple straight forward visual controls and forms.

Art Direction, Design, Illustration. Action Script Programming: Alastair Halliday