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Lacrosse Fitness and Training app

UI concepts for lacrosse break-out fitness app developed specifically to help grow the game of lacrosse through virtual competitions... there is always a leader!

Concept, Design & Layout. Featured monster Illustrations: Frenden


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Hunting & Fishing Travel App

Prototype concept for hunting and fishing brand called “Cast & Blast”. The app is used for locating, booking and provisioning remote location adventure type weeks and weekends.

Brand & Design



Utilizing the new framework for the software Velocity we were able to apply design logic for brands like Mercedes Benz using their guidelines to create a custom experience for their users.

Design & Layout


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L.E.O Office Scheduler

UI for office scheduler is able to serve multiple calendars across multiple office locations.

Design & Layout


Trade Wars: Dominion - Windows UI

Design & Layout. Programming: Evolver Studios, Colorado



Boston Scientific HTA UI

Ask: Develop a multi-language UI to function efficiently in out-patient hospital rooms worldwide. The design requirement included functionality with very limited memory overhead, and a screen size that measured 640x480 pixels. A continuous visualization throughout the procedure meant that the UI's color and graphics required simple straight forward visual controls and forms.

Art Direction, Design, Illustration. Action Script Programming: Alastair Halliday